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NGI Enrichers program seeks host organizations for funded researchers

Published on April 18, 2023

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Next Generation Internet (NGI) Enrichers is an initiative that supports transatlantic research cooperation in areas related to the next generation of the internet, such as networking, cybersecurity, virtual reality, 5G, machine learning, and several others.

Selected candidates will spend three to six months in the US or Canada to work and collaborate with host organizations and to promote knowledge-sharing and establish long-term collaborations on NGI technologies, services, and standards. The goals of the program are to enhance cooperation in the development of NGI technologies, services and standards and to reinforce and expand the NGI transatlantic ecosystem between Europe and North America.

The program is funded by the European Commission — living allowance, travel funding, and visa costs are fully covered — and supports both fellows and their hosts by providing bootcamps, mentors, visibility, community building and more. The program team will assist host organizations in finding the right European researcher or engineer or working with an existing candidate already identified.

The pool of candidates will include: Researchers with a graduate degree studying or working at universities, research institutes, scientific non-profit organizations and charitable foundations, and public research centers. These candidates may be PhD candidates and/or professors at their respective institutions. Innovators with an undergraduate degree working at hi-tech startups; micro, small, or midsize enterprises; and mid-caps. These candidates may be working to improve the Internet or other related technologies.

In addition to access to experienced researchers at no cost, host organizations will be able to tap into the growing transatlantic network, explore new partnerships, and establish an entry point for future funding opportunities across the European Union.

The program is well-positioned for the FABRIC experimenter community and other stakeholders to take on a fully-funded team member to work on projects and experiments on FABRIC.

Those interested in becoming a host organization can learn more and apply through the NGI Enrichers website. The FABRIC team is interested in learning if you chose to use this program as part of your team's experiments on FABRIC. Feel free to let us know at info@fabric-testbed.net.

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