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NGI Enrichers program seeks host organizations for funded researchers

Published on April 18, 2023   1 minute read

Tags: NGI

Next Generation Internet (NGI) Enrichers is an initiative that supports transatlantic research cooperation in areas related to the next generation of the internet, such as networking, cybersecurity, virtual reality, 5G, machine learning, and several…

A Reimagined Internet — NCSA Feature

Published on May 16, 2022   6 minute read

Tags: NCSA

CYBR031922_FABRIC_PR-3-1756x988 This article was originally published on the NCSA website. When the internet launched in the last century it was an amazing feat of science and technology. But it was not designed for the massive data sets, machine…

FABRIC introduces tutorial webinar series for new users

Published on May 03, 2022   1 minute read

Tags: Webinar

The FABRIC team is proud to share its newest testbed release. The team has added many new production sites and has introduced the FABlib library; both of which increase the capabilities and usability of the testbed. The FABRIC community is cordially…

Trusted CI Concludes Engagement with FABRIC

Published on July 07, 2021   1 minute read

Tags: Trusted CI

This article was originally published on the Trusted CI website. FABRIC: Adaptive Programmable Research Infrastructure for Computer Science and Science Applications, funded under NSF grants 1935966 and 2029261, is a national scale testbed that…

NSF RINGS solicitation encourages the use of FABRIC

Published on May 17, 2021   1 minute read


The Resilient & Intelligent NextG Systems (RINGS) program seeks to accelerate research in areas that will potentially have significant impact on emerging Next Generation (NextG) wireless and mobile communication, networking, sensing, and computing…

Top 5 Takeaways from Organizing Two Virtual Workshops

Published on May 28, 2020   3 minute read

Tags: Community Workshop

Members of the FABRIC Leadership Team recently had the privilege of working with the organizers of the Huge Data Workshop as well as organizing the FABRIC Community Workshop. In both cases, the workshops were moved from their original face-to-face…

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