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FABRIC (FABRIC is Adaptive ProgrammaBle Research Infrastructure for Computer Science and Science Applications) is an International infrastructure that enables cutting-edge experimentation and research at-scale in the areas of networking, cybersecurity, distributed computing, storage, virtual reality, 5G, machine learning, and science applications.

The FABRIC infrastructure is a distributed set of equipment at commercial collocation spaces, national labs and campuses. Each of the 29 FABRIC sites has large amounts of compute and storage, interconnected by high speed, dedicated optical links. It also connects to specialized testbeds (5G/IoT PAWR, NSF Clouds), the Internet and high-performance computing facilities to create a rich environment for a wide variety of experimental activities.

FABRIC Across Borders (FAB) extends the network to 4 additional nodes in Asia and Europe.

FABRIC Capabilities

FABRIC Advances Cybersecurity

Enables at-scale, more realistic research by peering with production networks to observe behavior

FABRIC Enables New Internet and Science Applications

Encourages a multidisciplinary approach to designing the next generation Internet supporting end users as well as science domains that depend on large-scale intelligent networks. Provides access to cutting-edge programmable network technologies, like P4 and OpenFlow.

FABRIC Integrates HPC, Wireless, and IoT

Creates a diverse environment combining programmable core and edge networks, large computational resources, 5G and IoT capabilities

FABRIC Integrates Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Enables novel approaches to distributed and network systems control and management by integrating Machine Learning capabilities

FABRIC Promotes Education

FABRIC helps train the next generation of computer science researchers

What is FABRIC?

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